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BOOK FOREWORD BY SISTER ROSANNE RUSTEMEYER–  Development Director, Province of Africa, School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND)  /  Former Executive Director–US Catholic Mission Association 

Overcoming Racism through Friendship

November 26, 2016–ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: by Francis Mandewah

I am a recent immigrant to this nation, and I voted in the 2016 presidential elections. I write to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation during this Thanksgiving season for the enormous opportunities this nation has to offer me. At a time when racial tensions are high in America, I write to let America know about a kind, generous and altruistic American diamond transport pilot who transformed my life when I was a 15-year-old poor boy in 1976 in my home country of Sierra Leone. –click to read article

Why I Write What I Write: Francis Mandewah Shares His Story of an Extraordinary Friendship

November 23, 2016

In our occasional series on what motivates self-published writers, one of ALLi’s newest author members, Francis Mandeweh, shares the heartwarming story behind the memoir that he launched earlier this year, Friendship: A True Story of Adventure, Goodwill, and Endurance.–click to read entire article

Former Local Pens Memoir

October 19, 2016– Sheyboygan Press

A former Sheboygan-area resident and West Africa native has written a memoir.

The book, “Friendship: A True Story of Adventure, Goodwill, and Endurance,” was released this March and chronicles Francis Mandewah’s life. He grew up in Sierra Leone, a small country in far western sub-Sahara Africa whose violent diamond trade was popularized by the movie “Blood Diamond.” That’s where Mandewah, who later worked for the state Department of Corrections in Sheboygan and other places in Wisconsin, met U.S. pilot Thomas Johnson. The pilot helped pay for Mandewah to finish his education at a local Catholic boarding school, and later helped him move to the United States and paid for his college tuition on the East Coast. Mandewah plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from book sales to Yengema Secondary School, the Catholic boarding school he attended in Sierra Leone.–click to read article

Me in the Middle Guest Blog Article by Francis Mandewah

August 16, 2016

"I was so inspired by what Francis wrote in his guest blog that I bought his book on Amazon Kindle and I’ve just begun reading it.  His story begins with his life as a 15 year old young man in the African country of Sierra Leone and in the heart of the African diamond zone.  His story too is a spiritual journey of trust in goodness in the world in spite of the hardships and realities that might come along.  It’s his trust in this goodness that makes it possible for Francis to be fully present when God opens a door in his life that leads him to the path of his dreams.”– Mary Lou Q, Me in the Middle Blog

STL Television: City Corner with Sarah Thompson, St. Louis, Missouri - From Sierra Leone to St. Louis: Host Sarah Thompson talks with Author Francis Mandewah about his remarkable life journey, which is detailed in his new book "Friendship: A True Story of Adventure, Goodwill and Endurance.” –  City Corner is a current events program bringing you timely and relevant information about St. Louis’ people, places, and events. 




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Milaca man changed a life through friendship

Mille Lacs County Times Newspaper

by Jeff Hage–Published June 28, 2016 

Editor’s note: Francis Mandewah, of Ferguson, Missouri, has penned a book telling the story of a Milaca man who befriended an impoverished African boy and changed his life forever. 

Francis Mandewah stood outside a predominantly white social club. Not only did the sun beat down upon him, but so did the weight of the basket of oranges that sat atop the young boy’s head. It was that day that Francis Mandewah’s life changed forever. It was that day that the young boy who originated from a small, poor village in the heart of Africa’s diamond zone had a chance meeting with a pilot from Milaca. It was 1976. Francis was 15 years old…… click to read article

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